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Fitness & Bodybuilding – Get in shape now!

Ready to get in shape?

Introduction to this article

In many weight training forums running an ongoing debate between the “enlightened” who believe that whole-body or “get” -split training where no work to extreme exhaustion and often with great volume and forsvorne practitioners who believe that “many” -split, relatively low training volume and extremely high fatigue is the way forward. In this article I will comment and reflect on these differences so that the debate can hopefully be a little more nuanced.

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What can the literature tell us?

The question of whether to train the entire body each time, or split it up, is one of the first and most basic considerations to do around the design of a program. If one turns to the sports professional world, you can download some information that is essential when you need to do to these considerations.

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Muscles only grow in 48-72 hours after you’ve trained them. Many believe that the muscle is in a first mode of decomposition, which then passes into a configuration mode.

This is wrong – the formation and decomposition of muscles are parallel processes, both of which run all the time. For the purpose of weight training increases the rate of either process, but if there is applied sufficient nourishment, rise building, protein synthesis, more than the degradation, resulting in a positive net protein synthesis, which is therefore equal to muscle growth. Protein synthesis is increased almost straight after exercise, peaking after approximately 24 hours and returns to baseline after 48-72 hours.

Very hard training does not seem to give rise to increases that lasts longer. This thus seems to suggest that there is probably no reason to wait very much longer than 48-72 before the next training to be “applied” if one looks isolated, the effects of the individual workouts.

If to look at something more tangible, there is made a part training studies that have compared the effects of different training frequencies and there are several so-called meta-analyzes where one has compared the training effect across many training studies.

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These meta-analysis says that it seems that untrained generally probably the best response to a (local) training frequency of approximately 3 times / week, where trained probably the best response at a lower frequency, about 2 times / week. In addition, there are several things that suggest that generally probably react a little better at a higher frequency in exercises that recruit a smaller muscle mass for example. bench press with respect to the leg press or squat.

It is very difficult to say anything about how large training volume needed to get an “optimum” result. The existing studies say that more than one set, but in how many exercises for the same body part? A large volume is undoubtedly relatively important for hypertrophy of clean athletes and the HIT-setup needed to put itself up for relatively low volume, since one can not keep to train to exhaustion in particularly many sets. Strangely enough, (and see) also many people who swear by this basic idea of ​​the program design (as Max-OT and Dogg crapp) introduces additional opvarmningssæt or back-off set, possibly to get a little more volume into the training.

That said, the high volume but not a must all the time. It is important to be able to rotate its program parameters to avoid that you get used to something and have a period training with high volume, low intensity and not to exhaustion, it would probably be a good idea to switch to something “as opposed as possible “, ie low volume, high intensity and fatigue, unnoticed that the first option in itself may be a better hypertrophy.


The conditioning makes likely that this type of rotation is more rewarding than just betting on the same “optimal” program all the time. If you need something to do between his example. EDT or 10×10 blocks is something HITish, certainly a good solution (provided it gets tweaked appropriately, as described below).

HIT Split Programs

With this information in your luggage, it definitely looks like there is something wrong with the type of training programs where the body is divided into many smaller parts that are trained separately, ie split programs: Training rates are too low in individual muscle groups, to exercise the only each body part once a week. Conversely, one can quite easily see that most large bodybuilders train in exactly this way, and it also works fine for some, less chemical impact exerciser. How does that work?

Ironically, it is that “rescues” split the programs that the fundamental idea that one can train individual muscle groups separately, is wrong. You can not split up the body in the way of the muscle groups that are often assessed on in bodybuilding, namely chest / shoulders / biceps / triceps / leg / back – sometimes even with a further division into upper / lower or width / thickness and train a muscle these qualities separately.

When you do weight training exercises for these muscles, they work simply is not isolated.

An obvious example is the bench press, shoulder presses and dips where the working muscles for at least 50% of whom are the same. In practicing these exercises, you train not just the chest, shoulder and triceps, but all three, although with different relative weights.

Similarly is the case with rows and pull to the chest, otherwise in BB-doctrine coach respectively thickness and width. This brings shoulder day and tricepsdagen in a split program count as “light” chest day and voila, you have still an ok rate. The same rationale could make for the rest of the body.

Moreover, most isolation exercises not isolation exercises. In most bicepsøvelser stabilizes to a great extent with the front of the shoulder, neck and chest, and in most tricepsøvelser stabilizes the one corresponding to bagskulder and latissimus dorsi. Also here is therefore a question of overlap between the muscles. In 6- or 7-split in the table, trained shoulders, chest and triceps separately, so if you are training a real push exercise as dips or narrow bench on tricepsdagen, one can see that the chest / shoulder / triceps actually trained 3 times a week and a little extra work to stabilize the biceps workout. Similarly, if Cooked rear laterals or stiff arm kick backs on shoulder day, trained back 2 times, and a little extra stability training under tricepstræningen (push downs, kick backs)

Table 1 – Examples of typical split breakdowns

Chest / biceps
Shoulders / triceps
Biceps / Triceps

Very often, “many” -splits programs lead to people who are stronger in the bench press than in the squat (deep squats, understood. Not that that half-ass quarterback squat, as so many do).

If you think a little about the size of the incoming muscles, as well as how and how much they are used in daily life, it should be obvious that if the benches more than one squatter, there is something that is completely out of balance.

In bodybuilding competitions it is also worth noting that the muscle group that most often is underdeveloped in amatørbodybuildere’s legs, a fact I dare ascribe “many” -splitprogrammer.

Looking To Enhance Your Online Presence With SEO Baltimore?

In this article you can read more about search engine optimization in the Baltimore area by the company The Digital Hive

Properly done SEO for better rankings in the search results on the search engines is all about the technical aspect. In the US, we are mainly interested in Google, as they account for almost all search engine traffic in the country.

Search engine is a mixture of a variety of techniques and strategies which between them have the purpose of lifting the site, to a higher level. Below is a brief review. If you are not interested in learning more, but interested in buying professional search engine optimization, you can use the contact form, visit the contact page or fill in the form at the bottom of this article.

On our Baltimore Marketing Facebook Group you can read more about the latest updates in search engine optimization and how you prevent penalties.

SEO in Baltimore – How Does SEO?

The technical part of search engine optimization consists not surprising to optimize the technical platform. One of the greatest technical challenges in search engine optimization is duplicated content. Duplicate content is content that are repeated on multiple website addresses (URLs). There can be many reasons that duplicate content occurs, for example, can print versions of pages, and ‘save as PDF’ functions cause problems, no matter how it occurs, it should be taken care of, it can in fact distort your results in the search engines significantly.

The technical optimization also assessed link structure, ie how to navigate your users around your website, both through your content, but especially through your primary navigation elements. It can also easily be far more serious problems such as items on the website or entire pages and sections that search engines can not read and users can not find. Search engines can not access your content, they can not index it, they can not index it, it can not be found in search engines. Technical SEO optimization is a broad subject. You can read a lot of articles about it here on the blog.
The content on your website, it is a breeding ground for visitors through Google. The words and phrases you use, are the ones you basically could be found on the search engines. Therefore, it is important that you use the words and phrases that your target audience uses when describing your business, because it is the words and the phrases they use when they search for you and your website in search engines. A search in a search engine called for an inquiry and to be accessible to a question, there must be a contextual match on the website.

Google has however been really good to understand the content and therefore it is now also possible to come up on searches for words and phrases that you have not used the same website as long as there is a close semantic density between what written and the words and phrases that queried. For example, it is possible to rank the word apple without having used it in an article, as long as you have an article describing the apple thoroughly. The reason why this is possible is because Google’s algorithm Hummingbird, trying to understand the content, rather than just to process it. The Semantic Web is developing rapidly and this development, Google will only get better and better at understanding and use content.

When working with a site’s content, optimereres among other things, the page titles and meta descriptions, this is your ad title and ad text in the organic search results, and therefore they are immensely important to keep track of. Next comes the optimization of the specific content, as previously explained, it is important that the content matches your audience’s way to look at and that you have pages describing all the services and or products that you offer and you would like to be found on. Work can also be to broaden or narrow content to improve rankings on the pages to optimize on.

External optimization

Has mastered the technical foundation for the website and have been prepared targeted and converting content, it is time to get started with the discipline within the search engine optimization that can make the most of the rankings in the search results, link building.

Links function to search engines as votes and this is due to Google’s primary focus and the reason for their search engine became so popular is that they use link analysis to evaluate the importance of websites on the Internet. Now more votes now better website roughly. It works in practice like that in the physical world can recommend a person, a product or a service. Now, several times we have recommended something now more confidence we have it! Just like in the real world, there are differences in how much we trust a recommendation and Google have it in exactly the same way. There is a big difference in how much a link is weighted, depending on who is sending it.

Is afsenderwebsitet credible and afsenderwebsitet thematically relevant, counter link higher. In practice this means that a link to your flower shop from is far more valuable than a link from your aunt knit side.

To work with the links, a long discipline for many factors that must be taken into account. It can get a very negative return for your website, if you get bad links, it can actually completely destroy the foundation of your website and completely destroy its ability to rank. You must therefore be very careful not to “spam” websites with links and be careful if you book link building as a service from a professional.

I offer of course, help links, you can read more about the topic link building here on the blog or read about link building and order it as a service on my company website, The Digital Hive

How To Greatly Enhance Your Online Local Presence

Curious to know how you can greatly enhance your online presence?

In this article we are speaking with Morten G from the successful and thriving Danish car rental site Findleasing. Morten and his partner are helping people in Scandinavia to find a cheap billeasing. Morten will talk about the main methods he used to scale his business and make it a succesful company. We hope you will enjoy this post – have fun!

First thing first – list out correct business categories

This is a crucial part of the entire Google My Business section as listing your business under the wrong category has an adverse effect on your business’s online visibility.

What you should do is honestly list your business only under the categories which accurately describes your business on Google. This does not by anyway mean you are spammy; you just have to find and use the relevant categories in favor to your business.

The primary category most accurately describes your business. If you need help categorizing your business, you can use my favorite tools for finding categories like Moz Local Categories and Blumenthals Business Category Tool.

It’s important you find a primary category and not overlook it as all other categories should be an add-on to this primary category. For example, our business is listed in 3 different categories which relate to one another. So choose and use the most relevant and right categories for listing your business page under.List the right operation hours

You need to list out your correct business hours on this page. In case you have seasonal hours for your business, do remember to return and change the timings as and when required. When you do this, do remember that Google needs about 24 hours to make updates. The end goal here is to list out your actual and right business hours.Your business introduction

This is where you need to thoroughly describe your business by adding a brief description of your business and what you do in your business, to your Google My Business Page. Add a unique description which follows the guidelines set by Google.

So you need to write a 150-300 word readable business description without any spamming keywords. I have a tip for great CTR. If you offer multiple services, it’s better to use Hyperlinks that link to different parts of your website. While the links are a no follow, they do give your visitors an easy means of reaching the page they want through your description.

You thus need to write a 150-300 word description for your business. It should be unique and correctly linked to corresponding pages.

Properly upload identity photos

Your Google My Business’s business photo section is divided into a few sections where the first comprises of your identity photos. You need to upload three photos which define how your listing appears in search results; they are a profile photo, a logo photo and a cover photo.

You need to upload the right identity photos as it’s important for Click through Rates. Users who see photos which have no relevance to your business in map results can get deterred from even clicking on it which is detrimental to your business.

This is why I recommend uploading a high-quality logo file. While we used a logo file for our profile too, it can be something else like a picture of customers rating, etc. if you own a restaurant or some other brick and mortar business.

Make sure the cover photo describes your business well, and is large enough to give a full-screen view mode and nothing tiny. I suggest you find out what comes up in search results for your business to correctly arrange photos by typing your business name on Google maps. This is essential as Google at times displays photos they think is best. And if you think it’s not the right photo to use, just delete it so that they can select another.

The end goal is to upload business identity photos which most closely relate to your business.

Virtual tours should be done by trusted photographers. Optional but recommended

In my opinion, the one thing you should do to get in Google’s good side is to use their recommended and trusted photographers to shoot a virtual tour of both the inside and outside of your business. It’s then added to your Google My Business for visitors to see.

While it’s not mentioned if this will help your rankings, if Google is hyping it, there should be some benefit associated with it! However it’s not free, but if you can afford it, don’t hesitate from using it!

All visitors have to do is click See Inside’ to get a virtual tour. All you need to do for the virtual tour is click on the Add Virtual Tour link on your Google My Business page. You are shown how to schedule a Google Trusted Photographer to complete the shoot.

I strongly suggest you have a Google Trusted Photographer to create your business’s virtual tour to use on your page if you can afford it.

If you want to follow Morten and his company you can find them if you click here

Are you looking for SEO Aalborg?

To get you started with local SEO in Aalborg

Are you looking for SEO Malta? It’s a fact. There’s always someone saying they have the Ultimate Guide to a topic.’ It’s also a fact that most of the time, this guide of theirs sucks. However, the guide I have here is something different as it’s a compilation of not only what is in my head, but also has a bit of all the articles I’ve read and understood over the past years. I’ve also added some of our agency’s experiences with clients to give you a better understanding of the topic.

Of course, no one’s perfect, and there just may be a chance that I’ve missed something. If this is so, please just leave a comment and mention something about the topic as I am working at making this the #1 resource everyone should turn to for local SEO related information.

Read more about SEO here:

I won’t say that this is the guide meant only for beginners to help them with their advertising campaign. I’ve created this guide to be a testament to the amount of work which goes into creating the perfect Local SEO campaign. A campaign which gives a business a chance at topping the local search results.

So yes, I would say that this is the guide all those business owners who spend about $250 on Yellow Pages in the hope it’ll help their business should buy. Of course, I do suggest that you think twice and consider hiring a legal and resourceful Local SEO agency to help you with your SEO campaign if it’s not your cup of tea. Though you may have to pay for their services, the ROI it generates should warrant the expenses incurred.

The importance of conducting a Local SEO audit and analysis before starting

  • It helps you determine the poorly optimized and incomplete elements on your website/landing page.
  • You realize the level of competition you are up against and the amount of work and effort you must put in to excel.
  • You learn the present value search results bring to your business, and where improvements can be made.

It’s always better to chalk out a plan before taking any action. In fact, everyone should do it before going into town to start a local SEO campaign. As long as you stick with me, you will learn the importance of thoroughly analyzing a business’s local web presence before moving forward.

The people who benefit from the guide

I’ve created this guide keeping the local business owners in mind, who are willing to do the basics themselves, and for agencies with clients looking for local search services. So basically, this fits the genre of customers that we handle, who are mainly brick and mortar businesses and have already established their internet presence. They just need that boost so that they get a prime position in Google SERPs.

I do agree that Google’s local algorithm is always changing, and whatever works today may not be useful tomorrow. However, I’ve created this guide so that it is as straightforward, and as white hat in SEO as possible.

No matter what is done, there are always those people who try to cheat the game and system; but I must say, they usually eventually get caught. So this guide can be compared to a first step taken before implementing tactics and giving results. So let’s get to it!

How does the Local SEO campaign look?

A typical local SEO campaign involves the following procedures:

  • Completing the comprehensive Local SEO Analysis
  • Analyzing and reaching the best plans of attack to take
  • Implementing the required tactics
  • Checking the results acquired over the next few months
  • If something does not go right, it’s time to go back to the drawing board to chalk out a new plan.

Like everything else, trial and error work here too to help you find the best strategy for your business. This is unavoidable as Google’s Local algorithms are always changing, and you thus have to keep on making adjustments to your approach to reach the perfect business strategy.

So as mentioned in Casey Meraz’s excellent local SEO audit write-up, the most important thing to do on business websites is cleaning up work. This means you need to take into account all the right SEO techniques and strategies previous SEOs and employees had implemented during their days as they may now be doing more harm than good to your business SEO. Why does this happen? Only and mainly because Google has grown smarter, and it’s time you did too!

How to get started with Online Marketing Konsulent by yourself:

This article was writen by Mads Siegenfeldt who is an expert doing seo aalborg